The A-Z of Short Films

A short film is any film not long enough to be considered a feature film. A short films is an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. The term featurette originally applied to a film longer than a short subject, but shorter than a standard feature film.

The A-Z of Short Films

Short films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals and made by independent filmmakers for non profit, either with a low budget or no budget at all.

Comedy short film were produced in large numbers compared to lengthy features. The lower production costs of short films often mean that short films can cover alternative subject matter as compared to higher budget feature films.

Short films are generally used by filmmakers to gain experience and/or prove their talent in order to gain funding for future films from private investors, entertainment companies.

We asked this question because we wanted to find out how many of our target audience watch short film. Our results shows that 7 said yes and 3 says no which is good figure. As majority of population who answered the questionnaire watch short films. The graph is shown below

Do you watch short films?

short films

As i was searching for something in you tube i come across a Channel Manjunath Pillappa . It is a short films platform on You Tube for entertainment and social awareness. These movies were created and directed by Manjunath Pilllappa. A energetic and enthusiastic person who had a dream of directing big silver screens from childhood. He started directing these short movies after completing all other duties and responsibilities towards his family. He had joined ‘Institute of Moving Images‘ and finished his training of one year from Mumbai. He is running this You tube channel from two years and made around 10 short movies.

Some of his worked that i really liked is Just Miss, Hari Avalu, AK. AK is dedicated to Lt. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, which was directed in Kanada language but subtitle is given and it’s easy to understand by pictures. The video for which is given below

Click here for Channel Link – Manjunath Pillappa

I really appreciate his work and wanted to wish him for his future.

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