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Bangalore Worst City to Live In


Bangalore Worst City to Live In Karnataka State which is known for its major quantity of Silicon. For this reason it is also called as Silicon city. And it is also popular because it is a hub of IT and BPO companies .

According to reports more than 70% of peoples in Bangalore are outsiders. They live in Bangalore due to this IT industry or you can say in search of Jobs.

Bangalore is considered as worst city in world and worst city of India:

Why Bangalore is worst city of India?

What is the reason to call Bangalore worst?

Is it really true?

Bangalore Worst City to Live In

Here are some aspects that reveal why Bangalore is considered as worst city of India

Cost of Living

I am living in Bangalore from two years what I had observed is that it is very hard to bare the expense in Bangalore. Cost of living is so high in Bangalore, if one may compare this city with other metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai, Bangalore is the one which is at higher rate.

If someone owes a house on rent, he should be charged huge security amount which is beyond limit of common man. Shopkeeper’s selling every products on MRP.


Even though 70% people of Bangalore are Outsiders Bangalore is lacking behind in good quality of food whether in Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. If you ask for a chicken I had never found a place in Bangalore which is having good chicken and vegetarian no one even knows how to cook.


There is no proper management of Garbages in Bangalore by Municipal Corporation. Everywhere you may find garbages lean over the road, management are not taking care if unless anyone complain about it.

Bangalore Worst City to Live In


Transportation cost is also high whether it is government or private. Traffic Management is very bad by the traffic police or authority. No one is doing there work properly.

Bangalore Worst City to Live In

Water Problem

In almost all the places of Bangalore Water is the major problem in everyday life.

So I want to say that Bangalore is the worst city to live in and if all this remain same as what is going on Bangalore will become worst country of world. This is all about Bangalore city.

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