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Facebook Effects On Teenagers

Facebook Effects

Facebook Effects On Teenagers! Nowadays facebook have a great influence over teenagers than youngster or elder. Facebook effects on Teenagers is drastic as it becomes the part of their daily life. They are the active users of the facebook and often upload their photos, address or even their phone numbers. Due to their activities lot of consequences had recorded in the statistics such as suicide, cyber crime etc.

Facebook Effects On Teenagers

A recent survey conducted by Intel Security reveals that 76 % children had opened facebook accounts before the age of 12 years. The survey also reveals some other facts that are mentioned as follows

  • 76% created facebook accounts between the age of  8 years to 16 years
  • 68%  of children upload photos.
  • 41 %  kids upload their phone numbers.
  • 81 %  of children use facebook on daily basis.
  • 70 % of children discuss about cyber crime, cyber bulling.
  • 51 % of childrens discuss how to maintain online reputation.
  • 50 % are concerned about their popularity among friends.

Questions related to Facebook effects on Teenagers

Q. Do anyone know what are the effects of facebook on Teenagers?

Ans. Facebook effects on Teenagers is at high level that they even commit suicide. Childrens were making friends on facebook and becomes so attached with them. They share personal information such as phone numbers, address, and bank account details.

Q. Do parents of children are concerned about this facebook effects?

Ans. Yes parents are concerned about their children. Survey reveals that 80 % parents ready to monitor their children activities on facebook. But only 20 % are successfully able to do it.

Q. What are the activities childrens are doing over facebook?

Ans. They were discussing about cyber crimes, relationship, showing popularity among friends.

Q. To whom childrens are chatting?

Ans. Children chat with strangers Online and attached with them emotionally, mentally and ready to do anything for strangers.

Tips for parents to reduce Facebook effects on Kids


Be their friend and ask them to share everything.

Connect On Facebook

Monitor their children activities on facebook by adding your child in your account.


Talk frequently with them on the bad effects of facebook on kids. Make them aware about the bad consequences.

Stay one step ahead and research everything about your children activities on facebook.

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Nikita Singh Books – Read, Download or Buy

nikita singh books

Born: 6 October 1991
Nationality: Indian
Genre: Fiction

Nikita Singh Books are the books which is based on the life of present generation. She signed a contract with Penguin Books India in 2011 and also joined Grapevine India. She has written several books which are very famous and also awarded by Hindustan Times. All books written by her is given here, just have a look and read all.

Nikita Singh was born in Patna, Bihar. She completed her schooling at Bridgeford School, Tupudana, Ranchi. She completed graduation in pharmacy at the Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in 2012 from Indore. She is currently pursuing Masters degree in creative writing from New York.

Amongst all Nikita Singh Books Love @ Facebook is the first book written by her, when she was 19 years old and is studying pharmacy.Love @ Facebook is a young adult book about a nineteen-year-old girl, who falls in love with a VJ, after befriending him on Facebook.

Nikita Singh has also spoken on various TEDx conferences in colleges across India. Her latest book After All This Time was released in May 2015.

Nikita Singh Books

Nikita Singh all books are available here. You can read all Nikita Singh Books that has been given here in the below table along with the name of publishers and date of publication.

 Name of Nikita Singh Books  Publishers  Year of Publication
Love @ Facebook Pustak Mahal  2011
Accidentally in Love Penguin India  2011
If It’s Not Forever… It’s Not Love Penguin India  2012
The Promise Penguin India  2012
Someone Like You Penguin India  2013
The Unreasonable Fellows Penguin India  2013
Right Here Right Now Penguin India  2014
After All This Time Metro Roads  2015

Nikita Singh also written some books The Turning Point: Best of Young Indian Writers. And some books with co author Durjoy Datta and Myshkin Ingawale.

Robin Sharma Books Preeti Shenoy Books Durjoy Datta Books

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Love @ Facebook (FIC)

Love @ Facebook

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Author: Nikita Singh

Love @ Facebook (FIC), is a famous book of the youngest and famous writer Nikita Singh. It is published on 26 April 2011 by Pustak Mahal. The story tells us about the relations of youngsters on famous social networking site, Facebook. The language of this novel is very easy so its interesting to read this book. I had read this book and suggest you also to read Love @ Facebook.

Key Features

  • Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a unique romantic story featuring a love triangle which takes place across Facebook.
  • Provides a better understanding of the effects that social media networks have on younger generations.

Love @ Facebook (FIC)

Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a novel that explores the influence of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter on the contemporary generation. In a world where maintaining a virtual identity is the norm, this book shows us how an idea of romance can be pursued in Facebook.

Written by the young and bestselling author, Nikhita Singh who already has a number of titles to her name, this book is aimed at younger generations. The plot follows the story of Vatsala, who after stumbling upon Ronit’s Facebook profile, falls in love with him. Ronit is a popular VJ who has an entire generation following him and his creations. The love triangle is completed with Ankit, an altruistic youngster who has secretly been attracted to Vatsala from the last 4 years.

By making use of the classic love triangle concept, the author has struck a chord with the younger generation. The fiery romance that comes from this Facebook attraction takes the story forward. Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a novel that uses simple and casual language, similar to the language spoken by contemporary youngsters.

Nikita Singh’s Biography

Nikita Singh is a 22-year old bestselling author who already has six novels to her credit. Having been born in Patna, she grew up in Indore and completed her university education in Pharmacology. Her other books include Someone Like You, The Promise, The Unreasonable Fellows and Accidentally in Love. Passionate about reading and cricket, she was also the recipient of the Live India Young Achievers award in 2013.

Click on the below given link to buy Nikita Singh books from Amazon

Love @ Facebook by Nikita Singh

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Facebook Page Marketing Book

fb marketing

Facebook Page Marketing Book “All-in-One For Dummies”, 3rd Edition is a detailed resource for businesses, brands, and people who are interested in promoting themselves, their goods, and their services on Facebook. Fully updated to cover new Facebook features, this new Third Edition includes guidance on Graph Search, the updated News Feed design, cover photo rules, advertising changes, updated mobile apps, and more. Examples and case studies illustrate best practices, and the book provides step-by-step guidance on creating a successful Facebook marketing campaign, from setting up a fan page to analyzing results.

Facebook is considered the most fully-engaged social media marketing platform for most marketers. With more than a billion users who comment over 3.2 billion times per day, Facebook Marketing provides a ready and willing customer base to businesses savvy enough to take advantage. Facebook Page Marketing Book “All-in-One For Dummies“, 3rd Edition walks you through the creation of a customized fan page, and guides you through interacting with fans and building a community around your brand. The book explains Facebook applications and Facebook advertising, and shows you how to make Facebook come alive.

  • Learn how to claim your presence on Facebook
  • Build pages to engage, retain, and sell to customers
  • Discover advanced Facebook Page Marketing Tactics
  • Find out why measuring, monitoring, and analyzing are important

Create and curate engaging content, including photos, video, contests, and more, and watch your fan base grow. Social media marketing is a major force in the success of a business, and Facebook is at the forefront of it all. Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides the guidance and information you need to get in there and claim your space.

From the Back Cover

9 BOOKS IN 1 Joining the Facebook Page Marketing Revolution Claiming Your Presence on Facebook Adding the Basics Building, Engaging, Retaining, and Selling Understanding Facebook Applications Making Facebook Come Alive Facebook Page Advertising Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics Measuring, Monitoring, and Analyzing Make a splash with the latest Facebook marketing strategies Looking to promote yourself, your goods, or your services on Facebook? You’ve come to the right place! Inside, nine mini books cover the essentials, giving you step–by–step guidance on creating a successful Facebook marketing campaign, from setting up a fan page to analyzing results and everything in between. Get ready to watch your business grow! Facebook Page Marketing 101 define your ideal audience, identify demographics, determine your goals, set a budget, and create a killer Facebook page marketing plan Make your presence known set up your new business Page, arrange what your visitors can see, and use your personal Profile to support your business If you build it find out how to build visibility for your Page, engage and retain your community, and expand your e–commerce products and services Theres an app for that customize your Page with Facebook applications, use iFrame apps to create custom tabs, and safely use third–party applications Its a mad, ad world discover how to create click–worthy Facebook ads, and get the know–how to test, measure, and modify your ads to get better results Open the best marketing book and find: How to import your blog posts into your Facebook Page Marketing on connecting your Page to Twitter Tips and strategies for choosing a profile pic and cover photo Ways to use life events to support your business How to use events and contests to bring your Page to life Guidance on analyzing your marketing efforts Examples and case studies that illustrate best practices

About the Author

Andrea Vahl is a social media consultant and frequent contributor at Copy blogger and Hubspot, and is also known as social media edutainer, Grandma Mary. John Haydon is a leading expert on helping nonprofits use Facebook to market their causes, conduct online fundraising, and enhance their brands. Jan Zimmerman is a hands–on marketing professional focused on smaller businesses and regularly shares her expertise at seminars and training events throughout the United States.
Buy this Marketing Book and become expert in Facebook Page Marketing by using simple steps and special tricks.

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