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Facebook Effects On Teenagers

Facebook Effects

Facebook Effects On Teenagers! Nowadays facebook have a great influence over teenagers than youngster or elder. Facebook effects on Teenagers is drastic as it becomes the part of their daily life. They are the active users of the facebook and often upload their photos, address or even their phone numbers. Due to their activities lot of consequences had recorded in the statistics such as suicide, cyber crime etc.

Facebook Effects On Teenagers

A recent survey conducted by Intel Security reveals that 76 % children had opened facebook accounts before the age of 12 years. The survey also reveals some other facts that are mentioned as follows

  • 76% created facebook accounts between the age of  8 years to 16 years
  • 68%  of children upload photos.
  • 41 %  kids upload their phone numbers.
  • 81 %  of children use facebook on daily basis.
  • 70 % of children discuss about cyber crime, cyber bulling.
  • 51 % of childrens discuss how to maintain online reputation.
  • 50 % are concerned about their popularity among friends.

Questions related to Facebook effects on Teenagers

Q. Do anyone know what are the effects of facebook on Teenagers?

Ans. Facebook effects on Teenagers is at high level that they even commit suicide. Childrens were making friends on facebook and becomes so attached with them. They share personal information such as phone numbers, address, and bank account details.

Q. Do parents of children are concerned about this facebook effects?

Ans. Yes parents are concerned about their children. Survey reveals that 80 % parents ready to monitor their children activities on facebook. But only 20 % are successfully able to do it.

Q. What are the activities childrens are doing over facebook?

Ans. They were discussing about cyber crimes, relationship, showing popularity among friends.

Q. To whom childrens are chatting?

Ans. Children chat with strangers Online and attached with them emotionally, mentally and ready to do anything for strangers.

Tips for parents to reduce Facebook effects on Kids


Be their friend and ask them to share everything.

Connect On Facebook

Monitor their children activities on facebook by adding your child in your account.


Talk frequently with them on the bad effects of facebook on kids. Make them aware about the bad consequences.

Stay one step ahead and research everything about your children activities on facebook.

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