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Hold My Hand Book – by Durjoy Datta

hold my hand book

Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Language: English
Author: Durjoy Datta

Hold My Hand Book¬†, is a bestselling novel of author Durjoy Datta. It is published by Penguin Books India on 5th August 2013. ‘Hold My Hand’ is the sweet, hilarious and also very gripping story of Deep.

Key Features

  • Hold My Hand Book is a delightful young romance with a surprise ending.

Hold My Hand Book

The novel Hold My Hand, available in paperback, is set in the scenes of Hong Kong. The story revolves around Deep, the protagonist, portrayed as a book worm. He’s always involved in academia, leaving no room for fun and social interactions. He works for the company – ATS Technologies, who decide to send him to Hong Kong to understand their library software used for cataloguing purposes.

When socially awkward Deep lands in the foreign city, he’s excited about the new possibilities and opportunities he might stumble upon. And soon he meets Ahana, a beautiful girl who is blind because of a rare congenital disease. Deep, who is shy in nature, is strangely attracted to her.

Hold My Hand Book, published on 5th August, 2013 (ISBN-10: 0143420909), describes the beautiful journey experienced by Deep and Ahana, as they explore the city of Hong Kong together. Ahana brings the beauty of different smells and sounds on the table, while Deep describes the visuals to her.

Gradually they face some problems, but that doesn’t bring too much conflict to their relationship, until the girl’s ex-boyfriend comes into the picture. Apart from these characters, there is Aman, who is Deep’s friend and is his complete opposite. Then there are Deep’s parents who are extremely caring. The author keeps the readers guessing about what twists and turns their lives will take.

Durjoy Datta’s Biography

Durjoy Datta is an Indian author who debuted with the novel, of Course I Love You in 2008, when he was still 21 years old and in college. Born in 1987, he has authored 8 other books since then. Datta is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers. He hosts Sadda Haq on Channel V. Datta has received wide recognition in India and won the Teacher’s Achievement Award. He has spoken in many TEDx conferences hosted in India. Apart from Hold My Hand, he has authored other novels like Now That You’re Rich, You Were My Crush, Someone Like You and Till The Last Breath.

Download Hold My Hand book by Durjoy Datta from the given below link

Hold My Hand Book by Durjoy Datta

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