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Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini Interview Questions for Aerospace Engineers is given here for  who wanted to apply. I am sharing my personal experience and questions which i have faced in the interview. So read this questions and prepare well and go with confident. This will surely help you in your interview. One things to note that this questions are for freshers only experience individuals may prepare about their last working experience.

Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini hire Aerospace Engineers for Technical Author and Design Engineer. So Read these Capgemini Interview Questions which are given below:

  1. How many systems are there in Aircraft?
  2. What are high lift devices?
  3. What is flap?
  4. Where is following located:


  5. What are longerons?
  6. What is bulkheads?
  7. Describe Aerofoil Section!
  8. What are the lift decreasing devices?
  9. Define Fuel system of aircraft?
  10. How oil system or hydraulic system works in Aircraft.
  11. What slots and slats?
  12. What is Air brakes?
  13. How slots increase lift define in brief?
  14. Explain Thrust Augmentation?
  15. Why Afterburner is used in Aircraft? Do we use this in Civil Aviation Industry?
  16. Define In brief Hydraulic System?
  17. What are the basic instruments of Aircraft?
  18. What are proximity sensors?
  19. What is black box? Where is it located in the aircraft?
  20. What is oleo strut?
  21. What is Thrust Reversal?
  22. What is difference between Static Pressure and Dynamic Pressure?
  23. What is First projection?
  24. Draw Lines of Engineering Drawing?
  25. Practice some Engineering Drawings, so as to make isometric view? They will ask you to draw?

Apart from this Questions you also need to go through the company website and note down information about company. They also asked this sometimes i.e what do you know about company. So prepare well and face the interview with confident.

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