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Pepsi History first started in New Bern, North Carolina, United States, in 1893 by pharmacist Caleb Bradham. It was renamed Pepsi Cola in 1898, named after the digestive enzyme pepsin and kola nuts used in the recipe. The recipe of Pepsi also included sugar and vanilla. Bradham wants to create a drink that will help in digestion process and boost energy.

In 1903, Bradham moved the bottling of Pepsi Cola from his drugstore to a rented warehouse. In 1926, Pepsi received its first logo redesign since the original design of 1905. In 1929, the logo was changed again. In 1931, the Company become bankrupt – in large part due to financial losses incurred by wildly fluctuating sugar prices as a result of World War I.

Between 1922 and 1933 Coca Cola Company offered to purchase the Pepsi Cola company, many times but it declined.

In April 15, 1906 Caleb Bradham successfully registered the Pepsi cola company again after trying many times in past several years.

Slogan in India – “live it now”

Rising of Pepsi

Pepsi gained popularity following the introduction in 1936 of a 12-ounce bottle. With a radio advertising campaign featuring the jingle “Pepsi Cola hits the spot/ Twice as much for a nickel, too / Pepsi Cola is the drink for you”, arranged in such a way that the jingle never ends.

From 1936 to 1938, Pepsi Cola’s profits doubled. It encouraged price watching consumers to switch, obliquely referring to the Coca Cola standard sold at the same price.

Walter Mack was named the new President of Pepsi Cola and guided the company through the 1940s.

Pepsi Rivalry With Coca-Cola

According to Reports, in the Year 1970s, the rivalry continued to heat up the market. Pepsi conducted different tests in stores, which was called the “Pepsi Challenge”. These tests suggested that more consumers preferred the taste of it (which is believed to have more lemon oil, and less orange oil, and uses vanillin rather than vanilla) to Coke. The sales of Pepsi started to climb, and it kicked off the “Challenge” across the nation. This became known as the “Cola Wars”.

In 1985,The Coca Cola Company, amid much publicity, changed its formula. The theory has been advanced that New Coke, as the reformulated drink came to be known, was invented specifically in response to the Pepsi Challenge. However, a consumer backlash led to Coca Cola quickly reintroducing the original formula as not Coke previous to 1985, but to Coca Cola “Classic.

As of 2012, It is the third most popular carbonated drink in India, with a 15% market share, behind Sprite and Thums Up. In comparison, Coca Cola is the fourth most popular carbonated drink.

Ingredients Used

Pepsi is made with carbonated water,hgh fructose corn syrup, caramel colour,sugar, Phosphoric acid, caffeine,citric acid and natural flavours. A can of Pepsi has 41 grams of Carbohydrates (all fromsugar), 30 mg of sodium, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of protein, 38 mg of caffeine and 150 calories. The caffeine-free Pepsi-Cola contains the same ingredients but without the caffeine.

PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $66 billion in net revenue in 2014, driven by a complementary food and beverage portfolio that includes Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana. PepsiCo’s product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales.

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