Love @ Facebook (FIC)

Love @ Facebook

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Author: Nikita Singh

Love @ Facebook (FIC), is a famous book of the youngest and famous writer Nikita Singh. It is published on 26 April 2011 by Pustak Mahal. The story tells us about the relations of youngsters on famous social networking site, Facebook. The language of this novel is very easy so its interesting to read this book. I had read this book and suggest you also to read Love @ Facebook.

Key Features

  • Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a unique romantic story featuring a love triangle which takes place across Facebook.
  • Provides a better understanding of the effects that social media networks have on younger generations.

Love @ Facebook (FIC)

Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a novel that explores the influence of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter on the contemporary generation. In a world where maintaining a virtual identity is the norm, this book shows us how an idea of romance can be pursued in Facebook.

Written by the young and bestselling author, Nikhita Singh who already has a number of titles to her name, this book is aimed at younger generations. The plot follows the story of Vatsala, who after stumbling upon Ronit’s Facebook profile, falls in love with him. Ronit is a popular VJ who has an entire generation following him and his creations. The love triangle is completed with Ankit, an altruistic youngster who has secretly been attracted to Vatsala from the last 4 years.

By making use of the classic love triangle concept, the author has struck a chord with the younger generation. The fiery romance that comes from this Facebook attraction takes the story forward. Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a novel that uses simple and casual language, similar to the language spoken by contemporary youngsters.

Nikita Singh’s Biography

Nikita Singh is a 22-year old bestselling author who already has six novels to her credit. Having been born in Patna, she grew up in Indore and completed her university education in Pharmacology. Her other books include Someone Like You, The Promise, The Unreasonable Fellows and Accidentally in Love. Passionate about reading and cricket, she was also the recipient of the Live India Young Achievers award in 2013.

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Love @ Facebook by Nikita Singh

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