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Definition of Ergonomics ?

Ergonomics or human factors are the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system. It deals with the scientific study of relationship between the humans and its environment. An applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely called also biotechnology, ergonomics engineering, human factors.

What are Ergonomics Products ?

  • Cars having air conditioning switch in the steering itself.
  • Automobiles equipped with seat belts and air bags.
  • Ergonomic seats that can suit a variety of body sizes.
  • Ergonomics chair with Ergonomic safety

Necessity of Ergonomics Seats?

Drivers are frequently exposed to shocks when their vehicles encounter irregularities. Shocks are transmitted to the driver when the seat suspension runs out of travel. Exposure to shock increases the risk of spinal injury and lower back pain for drivers.

What is Antropometry ?

The branch of ergonomics that deals with the human variability in size, shape and strength. Design of Ergonomic Seats are based on this property. Human factors must be taken into account for every person who comes into contact with the product, during manufacture, maintenance and repair, or disposal.

Correct Dimensions of Seats as per Ergonomic Designs


Optimum seat height is close to the popliteal height of the user.Increase of height above this level can cause severe pressure on the underside of thighs.Decrease of height below this level compromises only with a greater leg room for the user.Also experiences great problems during standing up and sitting down.


Deeper the seat, greater are the problems of standing up and sitting down. Also user will not be able to engage the backrest effectively without unacceptable pressure on the backs of knees. Tall people sometimes complain that the seats of easy chairs are too short.


Higher the backrest, more effective it will be in supporting the weight of the trunk.Three varieties of backrest; low level, medium level and high level backrest.


It provides support for the lumbar and lower thoracic region only.It allows freedom of movement for shoulders and arms.Old fashioned typist chairs


Supports the upper back and lower back regions.Most modern seats fall to this category.


Gives full head and neck support.


A positive seat angle helps the user to maintain good contact with the backrest.It helps to counteract any tendency to slide out of the seat.


Armrests give additional support for standing up and sitting down. It supports the fleshy part of the forearm. An elbow rest 200–250 mm above the seat surface is generally considered suitable.

Ergonomics for Computer User

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The advancements made in the field of automobile design increases the comfort level of the vehicle and provides a sense of satisfaction to the customers. Market research has showed that the purchasing power of an Indian has increased over the past few years. Driver comfort and accessibility of the vehicle’s controls during the car’s operation maximizes the performance capabilities of the car. Customers value Ergonomics and they are ready to pay for it. I had also purchased one chair from amazon at affordable rate, you also order and feel the difference. So order it now…!!!!

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Ergonomics in the workplace is really effective.