Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year Decorations represents different festivals associated with them. One of the Famous amongst the all is Lanterns Festival which is also known as mid Autumn Festival. Icon for which is Lanterns made of paper. Other Chinese New Year Decorations include dragon dance, lion dance, chinese idioms, fortune gods. the details for each is given below in detail.

Chinese New Year Decorations

There are so many things used in Chinese New Year Decorations some of which are listed below in table.

Icons Meaning Symbols
Lanterns These lanterns that are associated from those of Mid Autumn Festival in general are red in color and tend to be oval in shape. These are made from traditional Chinese paper lanterns. Those lanterns, used on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year for the Lantern Festival, are bright, colorful, and in many different sizes and shapes Chinese New Year Decorations
Chinese idioms Chinese New Year Decorations generally gives a message of New Year greeting. Chinese calligraphy posters show Chinese idioms. Other decorations include a New year picture, Chinese knots, and papercutting and couplets. Chinese New Year Decorations
Dragon Dance and Lion Dance Dragon and lion dances are common during Chinese New Year. It is believed that the loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals together with the face of the Dragon or lion dancing aggressively can evict bad or evil spirits. Lion dances are also popular for opening of businesses in Hong Kong and Macau. Chinese New Year Decorations
Kumquat Trees The kumquat is called gam gat sue. The word gam (金) is the Cantonese word for ‘gold’, and the word gat sounds like the Cantonese word for ‘good luck’.Kumquat trees are a very popular plant displayed during the Chinese New Year holidays. Chinese New Year Decorations
Red Envelope Red Envelopes or Red Packets are the traditional gifts given to each other during this festivals. This is not restricted to particular elders or seniors it may also given to kids or children Chinese New Year Decorations
Fortune gods Cai Shen Ye, Che Kung, etc. Chinese New Year Decorations

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