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Facebook Effects On Teenagers

Facebook Effects

Facebook Effects On Teenagers! Nowadays facebook have a great influence over teenagers than youngster or elder. Facebook effects on Teenagers is drastic as it becomes the part of their daily life. They are the active users of the facebook and often upload their photos, address or even their phone numbers. Due to their activities lot of consequences had recorded in

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HAL Tejas Vs JF 17 Thunder 4.5 Generation Aircrafts

HAL Tejas Vs JF 17 Thunder 4.5 Generation Aircrafts is a concerned topic to know about. Nowadays India’s Defense is majorly concentrating on LCA Tejas which is a fighter Aircrafts made by HAL. It is expected that this HAL Tejas will be one step ahead from the Pakistan made JF 17. The features of HAL Tejas as compared with JF

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Bangalore Worst City to Live In


Bangalore Worst City to Live In Karnataka State which is known for its major quantity of Silicon. For this reason it is also called as Silicon city. And it is also popular because it is a hub of IT and BPO companies . According to reports more than 70% of peoples in Bangalore are outsiders. They live in Bangalore due to

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