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The Expert’s Guide to Interview Questions

interview questions

Interview Questions for every Hr Interview is depicted here for reference. By reading this you may get an Idea about The Questions. The Expert’s Guide to Interview Questions contains information for every job seekers is given here by collecting information from the Experts.

The Expert’s Guide to Interview Questions

1. Tell me about Yourself?

2. What is your strength as well as weakness?

3. Don’t you think you are Over qualified/ Under qualified for this Job?

4. Tell me something about your last job? Why you want to switch from there?

5. What do you know about our Company?

6. Why you want to work in our Company?

7. According to you what is Ideal Company?

8. Tell me something that you failed to do and what you learned from that?

9. Where do you see yourself after Five years?

10. What makes you angry?

11. What was the toughest decision you had made in your past?

12. What is your Hobbies?

13. Who is your inspiration?

14. How confident you are about this job?

15. If company requires can you work Day and Night?

16. Are you willing to relocate?

17. Have you ever been convicted?

18. How much experience you Have?

19. Are you a good team player?

20. Can I contact your present employer for reference?

21. If you are allowed to change one thing about your last job, what would it be?

22. What are your Goals?

23. Define Success in your own terms?

24. If we placed you under younger senior subordinate, it it possible you to work in that situations?

25. If you find your colleague under difficult circumstances what you will do?

26. How long you will serve for our Company?

27. If you won crores on a lottery, would you still work?

28. What is important to you Salary or Designation?

29. Why should I hire you?

30. Rate yourself on a rate of ten?

31. What is you last withdraws and how much you are expecting now?

32. Do you have any questions for us?

33. This is all about the Interview Questions by expert.

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Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini Interview Questions for Aerospace Engineers is given here for  who wanted to apply. I am sharing my personal experience and questions which i have faced in the interview. So read this questions and prepare well and go with confident. This will surely help you in your interview. One things to note that this questions are for freshers only experience individuals may prepare about their last working experience.

Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini hire Aerospace Engineers for Technical Author and Design Engineer. So Read these Capgemini Interview Questions which are given below:

  1. How many systems are there in Aircraft?
  2. What are high lift devices?
  3. What is flap?
  4. Where is following located:


  5. What are longerons?
  6. What is bulkheads?
  7. Describe Aerofoil Section!
  8. What are the lift decreasing devices?
  9. Define Fuel system of aircraft?
  10. How oil system or hydraulic system works in Aircraft.
  11. What slots and slats?
  12. What is Air brakes?
  13. How slots increase lift define in brief?
  14. Explain Thrust Augmentation?
  15. Why Afterburner is used in Aircraft? Do we use this in Civil Aviation Industry?
  16. Define In brief Hydraulic System?
  17. What are the basic instruments of Aircraft?
  18. What are proximity sensors?
  19. What is black box? Where is it located in the aircraft?
  20. What is oleo strut?
  21. What is Thrust Reversal?
  22. What is difference between Static Pressure and Dynamic Pressure?
  23. What is First projection?
  24. Draw Lines of Engineering Drawing?
  25. Practice some Engineering Drawings, so as to make isometric view? They will ask you to draw?

Apart from this Questions you also need to go through the company website and note down information about company. They also asked this sometimes i.e what do you know about company. So prepare well and face the interview with confident.

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10 Aquarium Designs Examples for The Beginners

Aquarium are the best decorative item for your home. Through aquarium you can feel the aquatic life at home. It’s a peaceful and fascinating way of bringing sea life into your home. Through my blog Aquarium? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart you can get your own aquarium by following each step.The 10 Aquarium Designs Examples for The Beginners is given here.

10 Aquarium Designs Examples for The Beginners

Aquarium Designs

In this different types of aquatic plants with shrubs and grass are there. One tree with fishes such as beta,discuss, and danio fishes are there.

Aquarium Designs

This gives the feel of nature, with one single tree and sideways rocks. Green grasses and small fishes in the surrounding.

Aquarium Designs

This is a small waterfall experience at home aquarium. With motors arranged water is flowing continuously from the rocks. Small trees were also adding the beuty of nature.

Aquarium Designs

This is like flaura and fauna of the environment inside the water or sea.

Aquarium Designs

Small rocks arranged in beautiful manner with small grasses and colored fishes all around.

Aquarium Designs

This is same version like above but with different look and fishes.

Aquarium Designs

Totally for those who loves colorful aquarium. In this different types of colorful plants with fishes are added with small white rocks and branches of tress.

Aquarium Designs

This is like bringing Island in your home and enjoying the peacefulness all around.

Aquarium Designs

This is a example of artificial plants and branches of tree and some fishes real or artificial which is for those who don’t have time to maintain at regular interval.

Aquarium Designs

This is also different types of plants or cactus kind of things which looks beautiful. It adds the colors in aquatic life with beta fish,discuss, goldfishes and angle fishes.

These are the 10 Aquarium Designs Examples for The Beginners. If you want more info please comment below.

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Aquarium? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Aquariums are found in millions of homes, all over the world. As a peaceful and fascinating way of bringing sea life into your home, its been a popular pastime for decades. And now, aquariums are more popular than ever. With lighter tanks and more varieties of fish and tank decorations, you have the freedom to create the fish tank you’ve always wanted. Some of the Easiest way of maintaining Aquarium is given here for the beginners.

Aquarium? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

As title mentioned its always easy if you do it smart by following certain tips which i have mentioned below:

How to Choose fish

There are variety of freshwater fish as well as saltwater fishes available in the market which are so beautiful. Catfish, goldfish, anglefish, gobie fish, fancy guppies, Mollies, Beta are such of fish types. It totally depends on your choice which fish you want to keep and how many numbers you required. As per my point of view if you have enough space in your fish tank or Aquarium then take

  • 1 beta fish
  • 1 guppie
  • 2 goldfish
  • One discuss or Anglefish
  • 2, 3 Danio fish

Food Feeding

Freshwater aquarium fish are fed a proper diet and amount of food. It is important to note that you have to feed fish in proper amount. It’s not good to underfeed fish. Fish that go hungry may become aggressive toward one another. And also do not overfeed which makes your fish healthy.

Fish Tank Size

Aquarium Aquarium

Aquarium Fish Tank Sizes may vary with brand and type or color. Dimension of One brand fish tank vary with the brand of other tank. This will though not effect much, but if you are more concern about space of your home then its better to figure it out before.

So ask the storekeeper to measure with tape infront of your eyes and not believe what is printed on the box. Usually for measuring tank the common term we use is gallons. Here i have mention some of the standard sizes.

Sizes in Gallons Lenth Width Height
2.5 Gallon 12 3/16 6 1/8 8 1/8
10 Gallon Aquarium 20 1/4 10 1/2 12 9/16
25 Gallon 24 1/4 12 1/2 20 3/4
50 Gallon 36 3/8 18 3/8 19
210 Gallon 72 1/2 24 1/2 29 5/8


Aquarium Aquarium

Stones comes under huge variety also depends upon size, color, shape etc. Instead of selecting based on color i suggest you to chose something that looks like real aquatic life. So go for some Dead rocks with few small stones of odour colur and very less color stones if you want such as shown above .

Aquatic plants


Aquatic Plants Add beauty to the as it extract the perfect combination with fish. Its not like that you can take any plant for your aquarium. Aquarium plants with fine or delicate leaves are less hardy and may not be easy for beginners to keep. Anubias Barteri, Anacharis, Water Sprite, Cabomba Plant, White Sanderiana, Brazilian Pennywort are such variety of plants for the beginners.

Aquarium Filters

Aquarium filters provide filtration in mainly three areas: mechanical filtration, biological filtration and chemical filtration. You have to be careful about filters because it is required to filter your water at proper interval. O rings are also used inplace where filter leaks.

Other Decorations

Artificial Jellyfish
Freshwater Clams
Return Pump
Plumbing etc are some of the other decorative item one can use in order to decorate.

General Question Asked about Aquarium

How much money do I want to spend?

Its totally depend upon you how much you want to do. An average aquarium say about 150 gallons costs around $400 to $1000.

What fish species do I want to keep?

As discussed above

Is the aquarium size appropriate for the fish?

As discussed above

Where should the aquarium be placed in the room?

In hall or say Dining room so that it makes beauty for your guests eyes.

What will the aquarium be placed on?

Powerstand are coming along with aquarium you can also use table.

What lighting system should be chosen?

Lighting System should be light blue or green which looks like sea.

What accessories are needed?

As discussed above

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Why Have A Tidal ?


Tidal is music streaming service that provides lossless audio and HD music videos with curated editorial. Tidal service has over 40 million tracks and 90,000 music videos. Tidal offers two digital music streaming services Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi. Tidal was launched in 2014 by Norwegian/Swedish public company Aspiro. It has distribution agreements on major labels, in addition to many indies. In 2015, the parent company Aspiro was acquired by Project Panther Ltd., which is owned by Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.

Starting Phase Of Tidal


Following the acquisition of Aspiro by Jay Z who is famous rapper in March 2015, a mass-marketing campaign was introduced to relaunch Tidal. Multiple music artists changed their social media profiles and posted the phrase “TIDALforAll” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A press conference took place on March 30, 2015, introducing sixteen music artists to the stage. Jay Z himself, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, Jack White, Madonna, Arcade Fire, Alicia Keys, Usher, Chris Martin, Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Jason Aldean and J. Cole were introduced to the stage as “The owners of TIDAL”

It is the first artist-owned streaming service in the world.

Why Have A Tidal?


The Jay Z-owned music streaming app recently shot to the top of the App Store becuase right now it’s the only place you can stream Kanye West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo.”

1. They has two pricing tiers: either $9.99 or $19.99 a month. Both pricing levels come with the same access to exclusive content and experiences. There is no compression of the files, and the music is CD-level quality.

2. Site gives its members access to exclusive music, videos, tickets, merchandise and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Through you can import your playlists from any other streaming service directly into your account.

4. It has a world class editorial team regularly delivering articles and interviews across all genres that deliver intimate and revealing looks into your favorite artists, as well as artists you may end up reading about for the very first time.

5. With a simple swipe you can take your music offline, which allows you to continue to listen to your favorite music on TIDAL even when you’re not connected to the Internet or a mobile network.

6. The playlists on TIDAL are tailor-made for listeners, expertly curated by team, and not by a computer algorithm. They also give you access to many exclusive playlists created by artists, athletes, journalists and the like. They give you a look into their world and experience the music that they listen to and love.

7. TIDAL X: A program that will give fans an opportunity to connect with their favorite artists in an unlimited number of ways, witnessing unique experiences that no one outside will see. It could be an intimate performance, a meet-and-greet, a dinner, etc.

8. TIDAL RISING: A program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to broaden that base to a wider audience.

9. Discovery: Some of the best music in the world is the music we never hear, because sometimes the most talented artists don’t get the break they deserve. This was built to give them that break.

10. As they move forward they deliver fans access to music and experiences unlike any other service can deliver.

Click Here to visit TIDAL

Whats New

This update is loaded with new video features and an all new “Now Playing” experience.

– Add videos to your favorites

– Create your own video playlists and mix it with tracks

– Bring video playlists offline

– Listen to live concerts offline with the new “Audio only” setting

– Get suggestions on what to listen to on the new “Now Playing” screen

– Playback improvements

– Better handling of offline content

– Bug fixes and improvements

Which Countries Is TIDAL Available?

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Czech, Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia,Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America

How Good Is The Sound Quality On TIDAL?

Normal quality:
96 kbps (AAC +)

High quality:
320 kbps (AAC)

Flac 1411 kbps – Lossless
(16/44.1 khz)

How Much Does TIDAL Cost?

At present It is providing 30 days free subscription service after that plans are:

Premium – $9.99
HiFi – $19.99

TIDAL is not about creating a new service, it’s about creating a better one. A service which makes the experience better for both the fans and the artists.

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