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Sudeep Nagarkar Books – Buy, Read or Download

Sudeep Nagarkar

Born: February 26, 1988
Nationality: Indian
Genre: Fiction

Sudeep Nagarkar is a popular Indian writer and has authored 6 best selling novels. His new book ‘You’re Trending In My Dreams’ debuted on #1 in best sellers. Sudeep’s books continue to top the bestseller charts across the country since their release and have sold in lakhs. Sudeep Nagarkar books are inspired from real life incidents and anyone can connect with them easily. They have been translated into regional languages too.

Sudeep Nagarkar is the recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers’ Award for writing for being one of the highest selling romance writers in India. His book ‘It started with a friend request’ was most popular fiction book of 2013 according to biggest online portal Amazon.

Sudeep quit a management job in 2012 after his second book to devote his entire time for writing. He also writes for television and gives guest lectures in various institutes and organizations. He lives in Mumbai.

Sudeep Nagarkar Books

Sudeep Nagarkar all books are available here. You can read Sudeep Nagarkar all book Online Here. The name of all Sudeep Nagarkar books has been given here in the below table along with the name of publishers and date of publication.

       Name of Book      Publishers Year of Publication
 Sorry You are Not My Type  by Random House India Published in 2014
 That’s the Way We Meet  by Random House India Published in 2012
 You are Trending in My Dreams  by Random House India Published in 2015
 Few Things Left Unsaid  by Random House India Published in 2011
 You are the Password to My Life  by Ebury Press Published in 2014
 It Started with a Friend Request  by Random House India Published in 2015

You can write to him personally at You can even follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook fan page.

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Pulse Detonation Engine Technology

Pulse Detonation Engine

Pulse Detonation Engine is a propulsion technology. Involves detonation of fuel to produce thrust. More efficient than current engine system. Basic concept behind the technology is to detonate, rather than deflate,the fuel. The detonation of fuel results in immense pressure which in turn is used as thrust. Supersonic velocities can be achieved. The basic operation of the Pulse Detonation Engine is similar to that of the pulse jet engine. In the pulse jet, air is mixed with fuel to create a flammable mixture that is then ignited in an open chamber. The resulting combustion greatly increases the pressure of the mixture to approximately 100 atmospheres. The first known flight of an aircraft powered by a pulse detonation engine took place at the Mojave Air & Space Port on January 31, 2008. 

Why Pulse Detonation Engine?

Why Pulse Detonation Engine? Answer to the question is limited in following points:

    • Simplicity of design.
    • Detonation wave does the work of compressing the gas, producing extremely high pressure ratios, higher temperatures.
    • No requirement of high compression ratios and thus no compressor required.
    • Constant volume combustion offers better efficiencies than constant pressure combustion in Brayton cycle.
    • Better thrust, Isp, fuel efficiencies.
    • Higher weight to thrust ratios.

Pulse Detonation Engine


Pulse Detonation Engine Working Principle

Working Principle of Pulse Detonation Engine is Two stage ignition process

In first stage

  • Injection of fresh air – fuel charge.
  • A volatile fuel (h2)  and  oxidizer (o2) injection.
  • powerful electrical discharge ignition.
  • DDT Tubes are used for triggering.

In Second Stage

  • Powerful shock wave generation.
  • Main AIR+ FUEL Charge compression.
  • Repetition of both stages.

Fuel Options for Pulse Detonation Engine

There were many options for fuel some of which are depicted here

  • Coal: Efforts are under way to produce clean coal gas
  • Natural gas: LPG, CNG etc
  • Propane
  • Hydrogen
  • Kerosene
  • Jet fuels
  • Octane

Advantages of Pulse Detonation Engine

Some of the major advantages of Pulse Detonation Engine or Pulse Jet Engine are given here

  • The inherent mechanical design simplicity.
  • Easy integration and maintenance.
  • Higher thermodynamic efficiency.
  • Higher mach number up to 5 can be achieved.
  • Much better fuel efficiency.
  • No need of compressors and turbines.
  • Theoretically lesser weight as compared to conventional gas turbine engine.
  • Cost effective.
  • NOx emissions may decrease up to 70 – 80 %.

Limitation of Pulse Detonation Engine

  • Attaining successive detonation instead of deflagration cycles.
  • The risks of containment failure (i.e. catastrophic explosion that turns engine into a grenade).
  • Problems in valve operation.
  • High vibration and noise levels.
  • Engineering materials to withstand the immense pressure and thermal stresses caused by the detonation.

Applications of Pulse Detonation Engine

  • In – atmosphere flight.
  • Quick and efficient inter continental travel.
  • Application to space flights.
  • Safe and cost effective space craft launch.
  • Effective military operation.

Future Projects of Pulse Detonation Engine

  • Many developers have a high hopes that PDE will ultimately become the most cost effective method of propelling supersonic sub – orbital craft.
  • The ultra – high compression obtained by detonation offer the potential for much better fuel efficiency than even the best turbojet.
  • An air breathing engine reduces the fuel load and increases safety when compared to rocket motors.


Pulse detonation engines can be classified into three categories Pure, Combined cycles and Hybrid. General principle of operation for each is identical.

The fuel-air mixture is detonated in the engine cavity , rather than deflagrate. It has an inherently simpler mechanical design and a higher thermodynamic efficiency. It is more efficient , in both specific thrust and specific fuel consumption. Pulse detonation engine technology has application to many aerospace industries,quick and efficient intercontinental  travel, safe and cost effective spacecraft launch and military operations.

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Staff Selection Commission Recruitment 2016

Staff Selection Commission

Staff Selection Commission organizes exams throughout the year for various posts. The posts are in the Departments of Government of India and subordinates offices. The Staff Selection Commission has its headquarters at New Delhi. Regional Offices at Allahabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Bangalore and two Sub-Regional Offices at Raipur and Chandigarh.

Staff Selection Commission is one of the largest recruiting agency in the world in the Govt. sector. Recruiting all Group ‘B’ non-gazetted and Group ‘C’ non-technical posts in various Ministries/ Departments of Government of India. Get Complete details of SSC Exam conducted throughout the year from the same page.

Main Website of Staff Selection Commission

Regional Website of Staff Selection Commission

Direct link has been given for region wise website for simplicity along with the city or headquarters.

Region City Official website
SSC Northern Region Delhi
SSC Central Region Allahabad
SSC Eastern Region Kolkata
SSC North Eastern Region Guwahati
SSC Western Region Mumbai
SSC Southern Region Chennai
SSC Karnataka Region Bangalore
SSC Sub Regional Office Raipur
SSC Sub Regional Office Chandigarh

Staff Selection Commission Recruitment 2016

Various Information of Staff Selection Commission Recruitment 2016 is given below such as calendar, information for the exams, syllabus etc.

SSC Recruitment 2016

SSC Various Exam details for various posts in the academic year 2016 are given here

SSC Exam Name SSC Notification
SSC CPO Recruitment 2016  Click Here
SSC CGL Exam 2016  Click Here
SSC Stenographers Exam 2016  Click Here
SSC CHSL Exam 2016  Click Here
SSC JE Recruitment 2016  Click Here

SSC Syllabus 2016

SSC CPO Syllabus 2016

SSC CGL Syllabus 2016

SSC Stenographers Syllabus 2016

SSC CHSL Syllabus 2016

SSC Exam Calendar 2016

Table of the list containing SSC Exam Calendar 2016 is given here which will help everyone to know about all the exams conducting by Staff Selection Commission in 2016.

Staff Selection Commission

SSC Region Wise Selection of Various Posts in 2014-2015

SSC Region Wise Selection during the year 2014-2015 are as follows

Staff Selection Commission

SC,ST,OBC and Other Candidates Selection of Posts in 2014-2015

Various SSC Recruitment of posts during 2014-2015 category wise pie chart is given below
Staff Selection Commission

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Uff ye Emotions Book

Uff ye Emotions

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Mahaveer
Language: English
Author: Vinit Bansal

Uff ye Emotions, is a heart touching story written by an author Vinit Bansal. The novel is published on 10 February 2013 by publisher Mahaveer. It’s an amzing book which consists of funtastic love story.

Key Features

  • ‘Uff ye Emotions’ is a beautiful journey of Emotions.
  • A Collection of Award Winning Love Story

Uff ye Emotions

Uff Ye Emotions: A Collection of Award Winning Love Stories “Uff Ye Emotions” Perhaps, emotions are the most beautiful things in the world which cannot be seen or even touched. Interestingly, they can only be felt with the heart. Love is the purest and primary among them with its various shades. We all have our own definitions of this magical word, but, its beyond explanation. It is always around us.The very existence of this beautiful universe is founded on love only. Love has been the most talked about subject since ages and has always come to us through stories and became a part of us.Almost each of us has experienced the magic of this emotion in one form or other in our lives. “Uff Ye Emotions” is trying to recapture the magic of love through 12 beautiful award winning stories which were selected after a nation-wide contest.. Stories in this anthology are soaked with in ten see motions: Adoration, affection, love, friendship, fondness, attraction, caring, compassion, sentimentality, desire, lust, passion, longing,infatuation, envy, jealousy etc. which trulycomplete our lives.Love stories from diverse age groups, fromdifferent corners of the country and containing different shades oflove. Selected and edited by Vinit K. Bansal, this anthologywillcertainly enthrall readers and will make them feel thetenderness of this magical thing, called love. About the Author: Vinit K. Bansal Vinit K. Bansal is the author of “I am Heartless? A Real Confession” ,a novel ,which has been continuously ruling the bestsellers charts since the last one year and has been acclaimed as one of the most touching love stories of recent time. He is fondof reading, writing and composing stories since childhood. Heearned his Masters degree from Kurukshetra University and was best owed awards both at college and university level. He continuesto nurture his dream of writing till today and has succeeded ingiving shape to his thoughts in this book.

Vinit Bansal’s Biography

Vinit K. Bansal is the author of ‘I am Heartless A Real Confession’, a novel, which has been continuously ruling the bestsellers charts since the last one and half years and has been acclaimed as one of the most touching love stories of recent time. He is fond of reading, writing and composing stories since childhood. He earned his Master’s degree from Kurukshetra University and was bestowed awards both at the college and university level. He continues to nurture his dream of writing till today and has succeeded in giving shape to his thoughts in his books. As a voracious reader and an avid writer, his vision extends to the realm of social service too. At present, he is working with the State Bank of India in Delhi and loves to pen down his thoughts whenever he finds time.

Download Uff ye Emotions book from the given below link

Uff ye Emotions book

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The Girl I Last Loved

The Girl I Last Loved

Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: General Press
Language: English
Author: Smita Kaushik

The Girl I Last Loved, is a famous unconditional love story, written by a famous author Smita Kaushik. ‘The Girl I Last Loved’ , is published by General Press on 27 September 2012. It’s a good story and simple to understand.

Key Features 

  • Realistic, contemporary and romantic.
  • If you want to be in love unconditionally, this story is for you

The Girl I Last Loved

Love is all about flowers, gifts, movie nights, first kiss and then many more. Or is it? Then what about one sided love, being friends in spite of knowing your true feelings. The incapability to read eyes. Don’t frustration, pain and loneliness lie on the other side of love? Meet Akash, an over achiever, who aims to conquer it all but is unable to love. Kasam, a girl beyond his reach. Though destiny keeps bringing them together, their world seldom collides. When he was a naïve geek, she was the Style Diva and now when he is a corporate junkie, where faces are masked. She is a professional motivator, who sees even beyond the faces. Two people single love story revisited three times. Four proposals, a ten year journey of finding and losing love. Countless moments of serendipity, yet not a single moment of confession. He lived all his life fighting love will he ever fight for love?

Smita Kaushik’s Biography

Smita Kaushik became author by chance and is now pursuing it by choice. Her first novel Let’s Get Committed not only created waves among the young generation but also pitched some notes with others as well. Though her forte lies in romance with hint of comedy, she sometimes tries to lay hands on philosophy. An ex-DPSite, she did her graduation from KIIT University and is currently based in Hyderabad. Always a creativity inclined person, she has excelled in different art forms like contemporary, madhubani & warli and has won many national level art competitions. For fun she likes to watch rom-com and read novels.

Download The Girl I Last Loved book from the given below link

The Girl I Last Loved book

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